Oregon Public Education Network

Our Mission: for Public Education

Preserve Restore Enhance

Advocating for evidence-based policies that empower students, teachers and parents. Because public education is a Civil Right.


Our Mission

The Oregon Public Education Network is a non-profit advocacy alliance of educators, parents and education advocates who work together to further effective public education for all Oregon students. Our purpose is to protect, preserve, promote, and improve public education for all Oregon students. We share information on critical issues and support each other in actions that have positive effects on our public schools that are currently threatened.


Our Priorities


OPEN’s 2018-19 legislative priorities are:

  • Limiting school testing for young learners that misdirects classroom time and resources to testing instead of comprehensive and integrated learning

  • Reducing screen time in classrooms

  • Eliminating unnecessary and ineffective graduation requirements (SBAC)

  • Fully funding schools


Network Members Strong

OPEN members and partner members. We are strong together.



Years Serving communities

Our Steering Committee members have an average of 27 experience serving their communities as educators, administrators and policy makers in the education field.



children Impacted

Our policy work has impacted more than 52,000 children in public school in the state of Oregon.