Dec 12-14 a Whirlwind of Meetings at the Capitol

Dec. 15, 2019— Mary Thamann

Our three days of legislative visit meetings in Salem zipped by! Not only did we have a full schedule lined up but we managed to pin down other appointments with Legislators who hadn't gotten back to us. The good news is there were a number of Legislators who signed onto to both the "Eliminating the Barriers to Graduation" and the "Too Young to Test" bills. The number of sign ons included several Republicans and a number of Democrats which makes them truly bipartisan. Kathleen rushed around trying to find a Republican who was willing to sign on as a co-sponsor for the Eliminating the Barrier to Graduation bill, but time ran out and she had to leave that task to Derek, Senator Hass's assistant.

Here is the list of Legislators we met with: Sen. Kim Thatcher (R), Sen. Shemia Fagan, Sen. Betsy Johnson, Sen. Sara Gelser, Sen. Lew Frederick, Rep. Mike McLane (R), Rep. Janeen Sollman, Rep. Margaret Doherty, Rep. Greg Smith (R), Rep. Carl Wilson (R), Rep. Carla Piluso and Sen. Tim Knopp (R). Assistants: Evan for Rep. Paul Evans, Jason for Rep. Chris Gorsak, Brett for Rep. Susan McLain, Susan for 
Rep Sherri Sprenger (R) and LeAnn for Rep. Alonso Leon.


We had an enlightening conversation with Sen. Frederick about opt out notifications. We also met with Sen. Betsy Johnson and Sen. Shemia Fagan she signed on to co-sponsor the "To Young to Test" bill.

Scott Hayes, Kathleen, Carol and I met for two hours with a new Rep. Courtney Neron, on December 6. Truly another supporter for a strong education system here in Oregon.

Deb Mayer was also active in the halls of the Capitol and she was carrying around the "Limiting Screen Time" bill and two other bills she's working on with the Health Committee.

We’re off to a good start with bills in action, but lots more work to do to see these bills become policy.

Mariah Dula